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Tax Debt Problem Solvers

Taxworx is a tax debt resolution company.

No one wants to deal with the IRS. Tax lawyers, CPAs, Enrolled Agents (“EA”) and tax preparation services commonly do not want to fight it out with IRS collection agents. That’s why tax professionals turn to Taxworx to negotiate for their clients.

If those who deal with tax issues every day trust us at Taxworx to work out the best possible deals with the IRS, it only stands to reason that your best chance for a positive outcome is through the firm those professionals use.

  • Do you want relief from tax debt now?
  • Are you behind in filing tax returns?
  • Has the IRS levied your paycheck, bank accounts, or accounts receivable?Then Contact Us today!

When you call Taxworx, you will be connected to a knowledgeable, professional person. Our professionals will listen carefully to your situation and discuss various solutions that may be available to you and that you will understand.

  • We know what rules the IRS must follow
  • We know how the IRS thinks, their policies, practices and procedures
  • We know what to say to the IRS, and equally important, what NOT to say

After our personal experiences with the IRS, we decided to use our skills to help taxpayers get relief from the heavy handed collection tactics that are sometimes used by the IRS. We have spent years helping people and businesses like you who are dealing with IRS tax debt or unfiled tax returns.

We can:

  • Represent you before the IRS, FTB, EDD and BOE
  • STOP IRS phone calls
  • Prepare current and / or past due tax returns
  • Get wage and bank account levies released
  • Arrange reasonable monthly payment plans up to ten years
  • In hardship situations, have collection action suspended for a year or more
  • If you qualify, reduce your IRS debt with an Offer in Compromise

If you owe more than $5,000 call us now!

Don’t wait another day. Every day brings you closer to IRS liens, levies, penalties, interest fees and / or wage garnishments. The best time to act was yesterday. The second best time to act is immediately. Call right now to protect your money, your business and your family.


Taxworx, Inc., was started to help people deal with their tax problems.


Please feel free to contact us via mail:
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Or By email: admin @ taxworx.net